Diagnostic measures

  • ultrasound sonogram (abdomen, thyroid gland, testicle)

  • ECG            

  • stress test

  • health check

  • cancer checkup for men

  • laboratory diagnostic

  • long-term blood pressure measurement

  • pulmonary function test

  • psychosomatic findings

  • young person employment examination 


Therapeutic measures

  • therapy of all general-medical disorders

  • medical care of cronically ill patients of all fields
  • chirotherapy
  • primary care/emergency care in all fields
  • allergometry (pricktest)
  • hyposensibilization (therapy of allergies)
  • vaccinations
  • infusion therapy
  • wound care
  • pain therapy
  • psychosomatic primary care

Home care visits of a doctor

  • cronically ill patients and acute diseases
  • terminal care


Please request homce care visits of a doctor which are necessary the same day by 11.00 am.

Other services

  • care of family members

  • education for patients (diabetes mellitus/hypertonia)
  • DMP diabetes / CHD / COPD / asthma




Some of our services are not covered by the health insurance. Cost for these services are not assumed by the health insurance and must be payable by you as "individual health services" (see desirable services).